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Tailored Financing Options to Help Small Businesses Succeed

Inter Capital Network provides funding solutions that are suitable for most businesses through our Small Business Loan program. We have earned the designation of Small Business Administration Preferred Financial services company, which means that we can streamline the processing and approval of your loan.


About Our Loans

We offer various financing options to suit your specific project and long-term goals. Your choices include:

  • Commercial or industrial real estate financing, which you can use to buy, build, improve or refinance eligible properties. Approved properties include restaurants, repair shops and hotels.
  • Business acquisition loans, which have maximum terms of 15 years and annual values up to $1.25 million. We need just 48 hours to pre-qualify you.
  • Equipment leasing and financing, which can help you secure equipment such as printing, binding, trucking, manufacturing and medical equipment.

We offer maximum loans of $5 million to cover up to 90 percent of your loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. We pair competitive rates with terms up to 25 years. Our loans are fully amortized and lack early payoff penalties. Through the SBA’s guaranteed loan program, we offer variable and fixed interest options.

7(a) Loans

7(a) loans can be applied to various properties, including office and industrial properties, warehouses and franchises. To quality, you must meet SBA size standards. Retailers must have less than $6 million in annual revenue, manufacturers must employ fewer than 500 workers and service businesses must employ fewer than 100 workers.

Our terms and LTV ratios vary based on the type of financing. You may receive between 80 and 100 percent financing over a period ranging from 7 to 25 years. Our total loan values extend from $200,000 to $5 million.

504 Loans

504 loans can fund business acquisitions or real estate transactions with total values up to $12 million. Inter Capital Network offers up to $3 million or half of your financing, and an SBA Community Development Company provides up to $5 million to cover the remainder.

Our first and second mortgages for equipment financing have 15-year terms, while the terms for real estate financing are, respectively, 25 and 20 years. We offer market-based first mortgage fees and standard second mortgage fees, including legal review and closing costs.

Find Your Funding Solution

To learn more about our loans or apply for financing, contact Inter Capital Network today. We’ll get started with a free review to identify the most favorable option for your business.