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Responsive, Efficient Financing for Purchase Orders

At Inter Capital Network, we offer purchase order financing to help fund the domestic production or international trade of presold inventory. If your business excels at sales and production but has difficulty financing purchase orders, our funding can provide an economical and adaptable solution.

Financing Structure and Eligibility

We focus primarily on financing ongoing production or creating Letters of Credit, which enable you to complete imports, exports and internal trade transactions. We partner with producers, wholesalers, resellers and distributors, and we can work with you even if your business is currently struggling. We won’t turn you down on the basis of your business being new, having inadequate cash flow or lacking capital.

Helping Your Company Grow

If you’re working to build up your company while maintaining a strong financial position, our purchase order financing offers a few unusual advantages. Consider the following perks:

  • There is no need to decrease your equity or assume more debt to secure this financing.
  • Our funding is efficient, so you never have to worry about missing deadlines or business opportunities while waiting on financing.
  • You can use our financing to expand your market share, accept bigger orders and boost your profits.

Another significant perk of our financing is its flexibility. Purchase order funding is highly customizable, and it allows you greater discretion over how you use your funding.

Secure the Funding You Need

Instead of missing out on chances to expand or build new partnerships, ensure that your business is always financially prepared for advantageous opportunities. Contact Inter Capital Network today to learn more about our purchase order financing or start the application process.