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Part of the American Dream is being able to make something out of nothing, and starting a franchise is a great way to make the American Dream your own. However, it is important to note that it can take a significant amount of funding to get started with a new franchise. Here at Inter Capital Network, we aim to help entrepreneurs succeed by offering reliable franchise financing with competitive rates and generous terms. When you want to work with a financial institution that you can trust to put your needs first, you can count on us.

If you do not have a reliable source of capital and you desperately need monetary assistance to get your franchise up and running, our customized financial solutions can be built to perfectly fit your situation. Once you receive funding from us, you can use it to acquire businesses, refinance an existing building or construct a new building from scratch to house your new franchise.


Benefits of Our Program

Our franchise financing offers the following generous benefits:

  • No prepayment penalty
  • Competitive terms and rates
  • Immediate funding
  • Quick and simple approval process

We know how important it is to get you the funding that you need as quickly as possible, which is why we do everything in our power to make the credit check and financing approval process fast and efficient.

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