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Fast Approval and Funding Through Inter Capital Network Contract Financing

Contract financing offers your business a lump sum of cash for the total value of your contracts. The contract finance program at Inter Capital Network offers your business a fast approval process and the cash value of your contract within days. Our financing program benefits many types of businesses and is less expensive than equity.


The Benefits of Financing Your Contracts

Accessing funds through your company’s contracts has many benefits. Inter Capital Network can help your business access the total value of a contract immediately instead of waiting for payments spread out over months or years.

Our program also provides your business with:

  • A simple solution for low cash flow issues or immediate funding needs
  • Approval and funding faster than a bank loan
  • A funding option that does not incur debt or require budgeting for monthly repayments
  • Approval for businesses with little or no credit history

Contract Finance and Your Business

Inter Capital Network can finance new or existing contracts worth at least $1 million. We accept contracts requiring a component of equipment to complete the contract, but ongoing service contracts are not qualified for our program. We welcome businesses that are investment grade or near investment grade to finance their contracts with us.

Inter Capital Network works with the product innovation and IT industries and a variety of businesses in communications and entertainment, waste management, banking, medical and food processing. Our program is also available to education and municipal organizations.

Learn More About Funding Through Contracts

Inter Capital Network can help you access the value of your contracts in one immediate payment quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for a no-fee consultation to discuss your financing needs.