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Bridge Loans and Hard Money to Finance Your Important Projects

Whether you need to finance a property remodeling project or access quick funding for a sudden opportunity, Inter Capital Network can assist your business with our bridge loans and hard money loans. We connect you with our investor network to offer your business large loan amounts. Our program provides funding with your real estate as collateral.

Loans Designed for Your Commercial Property

When faced with an urgent opportunity or project for your commercial property, you need funding fast. The bridge and hard money loan program at Inter Capital Network finds you a quick solution:

  • Program closing times are as quick as one day to one month.
  • Our investors provide loans up to $100 million with LTV ratios as high as 80 percent.
  • The program includes interest-only amortization and a low origination fee from 1 to 4 percent.
  • Our low interest rates are variable and based on your real estate.

We work with raw land, development projects and national or international properties. Our funds can finance a project, make a mortgage payment, finance a real estate purchase or be used to prevent bankruptcy.

Access Funding for Your Property or Project

Inter Capital Network can help you finance a project, take advantage of an opportunity, buy new commercial real estate or avoid late payments on your current property.

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