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Fast and Simple Funding Through Accounts Receivable Financing

The accounts receivable financing program at Inter Capital Network offers your business quick funding with a simple application and approval process. We purchase your open invoices and provide you with a lump sum of cash in return. We can work with any type of business, even companies with little or no credit history.

Financing Your Company’s Open Invoices

Financing your receivables, also known as factoring, is a faster and easier process than you may have experienced if your business has previously applied for bank loans. Factoring with Inter Capital Network is a much different process than accessing funds through other lending avenues:

  • The approval process for factoring is based on the sale of an asset—your open invoice—so it is less complicated than bank approval.
  • Factoring considers your invoices and the credit strength of your customer so a quick decision can be made within 24 hours.
  • Your business receives cash within days of approval.
  • Your business is not in debt to Inter Capital Network. We collect payments from your customers.

Benefits for Any Business

Inter Capital Network factors invoices for all types of businesses, even those that are in the startup phase or those that have little or no credit. Factoring can offer you no-cost credit insurance on your customers. Our accounts receivable finance program does not affect your lines of credit, and no personal guarantees are required.


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