If you’re looking for a method of getting paid faster and more efficiently than the typical invoice structure that takes 30 to 90 days to settle, truck factoring may be the solution for you. You can get access to the money that is already due to you, just much faster. If you need cash right […]

As a supplier, you are probably constantly trying to find ways to increase your sales and maintain good relationships with your clients. Since these two goals are not mutually exclusive, it can be beneficial to discover a method that can accomplish both. While there are plenty of different tactics that can be attempted, it can […]

Providing financing for your clientele can be a bit of a conundrum. While you want them to purchase your products, you certainly don’t want them doing so at the expense of their personal credit and livelihood. The beauty of consumer credit is that it actually is a good option for customers. As long as they […]

Entrepreneurs these days are seeking alternative ways to fund or sustain their business ventures. This isn’t limited to smaller entities, either. Many Fortune 500 companies are jumping on the non-bank funding bandwagon, because they, too, need a quick source of cash for a business need. Even they can see that big business and small business […]

Selling a home can be difficult, especially in a buyer’s market. At other times, you may have plenty of interest, but few buyers who can obtain the financing to purchase your home. When it becomes difficult to sell a home, sellers often find that they must make concessions in order to sell their home. If […]

For businesses that are seeking assistance in their growth potential, SBA 504 loans offer the flexibility and convenience of traditional loans and the support and resources of the Small Business Administration, or SBA. The SBA is a government organization that specializes in offering assistance to small sized businesses when they start up or look into […]

The current economy makes finding new sources of additional capital tricky. Banks are less willing to lend money than they have been in the past, and many businesses are finding that they must turn to less-traditional lending avenues in order to gain the funding they need. Private equity financing is one such avenue. Private equity […]

One of the most exciting aspects of being a startup company is launching a product that is good, popular and highly profitable. In those situations, the phone calls begin coming in from major retailers or distributors wanting to sell your product. However, the biggest hurdle new companies must overcome is obtaining enough cash in order […]

If you’re new to business ownership, a franchise may be just what you’re looking for. Owning a franchise offers many of the same benefits as having an independent business, while also providing external support and guidance that may prove invaluable. However, there are also certain issues that arise in franchise ownership that do not apply […]

Small business owners face some significant challenges when it comes to staying afloat those first few years. One of these is maintaining a cash flow that is enough to cover the bills and keep the employees paid. This task can be so frustrating for some business owners that they have to work another job to […]

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